German Association for the Study of English: Annual Meeting 2021

Papers from our panel will be published in Anglistik: International Journal of English Studies 33.2 (Summer Issue, 2022).

Teaser from our panel introduction

Programme and Contributions

A panel of the 2021 Annual Conference of the German Society for English Studies, hosted by Anna Auguscik, University of Oldenburg, and Simone Broders, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg.

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Anglistentag 2021, Passau (Online Conference)

Limits of Knowledge – Knowledge of Limits: The Productiveness of Ignorance, Non-Knowledge, and Agnotology in Anglophone Studies, Literature and Culture

TimeMonday, 20 September
13.00-13.30Limits of Knowledge, Knowledge of Limits: An Introduction.
Anna Auguscik, Oldenburg, and Simone Broders, Erlangen-Nürnberg
13.30-14.00The Ambiguity of William Shakespeare and His Romance The Tempest in Brexit Discourse.
Stefan Alexander Eick, Jena
14.00-14.30Creating Secrets to Justify a Revolution – Secret Histories, Whig Propaganda, and British Historiography.
Dorothea Flothow, Salzburg
14.30-15.00Who Killed Edwin Drood, and Why Does It Matter?
Wieland Schwanebeck, Dresden
16.30-17.00‘A Happy Plight’: (Limited) Knowledge and Evolution in Nineteenth-Century Women’s Poetry.
Wolfgang Funk, Mainz
17.00-17.30“You May Guess”: Poetics of Knowability in the Work of the Rossetti Siblings.
Irmtraud Huber, München
17.30-18.00Didus Ineptus: Victorian Culture, Anthropogenic Extinction, and the Imagination of the Dodo.
Karsten Levihn-Kutzler, Oldenburg
TimeTuesday, 21 September
15.45-16.15Fractures, Gaps, and Blanks: The Trauma of Not-Knowing in Narratives of the Aftermath of (Post)Colonial and National Socialist Violence.
Mona Becker, Halle
16.15-16.45‘You’ve Been Told and Not Told’: Kazuo Ishiguro and the Ethics of
Alessandra Boller, Siegen
16.45-17.30Roundup Discussion – Future Perspectives.
Anna Auguscik, Oldenburg, and Simone Broders, Erlangen-Nürnberg